Dr. Philine Sandhu

Expert for Governance & Diversity, Berlin School of Economics & Law

With a PhD in economics, Dr. Philine Sandhu works at the interface of research and practice and has many years of expertise in the field of diversity & governance. Her work focuses on levers for transformation towards (gender) diversity and good governance, be it structural governance measures or the individual motives of change actors. At the HWR Berlin, she is the academic director of the supervisory board program initiated in 2014. In addition, from 2018-2020 she served as the academic advisor to the federal government for the evaluation of the Management Positions Act (“FüPoG”) and in 2021 as an expert in the German Bundestag for the FüPoG II. Other professional positions included KPMG AG and the LEAD Academy. She publishes regularly in professional journals, e.g. in “Der Aufsichtssrat” (The Supervisory Board), and as a columnist in the Handelsblatt (ongoing column “Homo oeconomicus”).